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Panel of experts:

Olivier Auber, Philippe Bootz, Caterina Davinio, Fred Forest,  Dene Grigar, Lello Masucci, Jason Nelson.



Naples, 1 – 31 October 2014


This Call is addressed to artist of any nationality who are not more than 40 years of age.

The theme of the Festival is “Memory of the future: know ours roots to plan a common future”.

The other sub themes are: “conditions for peace, sustainable development, knowledge and cultural diversity”, in parallel with the theme of Universal Forum of Cultures.

All the works presented at the Festival must be related to the above-quoted themes and be linked

to the following categories:


video installations,

audio installations



kinetic poetry,

interactive poetry,

3D poetry,

multimedia poetry,

hypertext poetry,

flash poetry,

generative poetry,

code poetry


installation film,

computer animation


electronic dance,

eTheatre performance


all works closely related to an aesthetic and imaginative use of new technologies, Internet and computer networks.

There is no fee for the participation to the Festival.

It is possible to participate with only one work for each section.

Works made by groups of up to 5 people are also admitted.

Each selected Artist is asked to provide personal equipment for the realization of

his/her work.


Artists who want to participate must send by 12:00 pm (Italian time) on the day July 15, 2014 an e-mail to containing the following informations:

  1. photocopy of identity document (or similar) indicating the participant’s date of birth;

  2. detailed Curriculum Vitae in Italian and in English for Italian artists; exclusively in English for non-Italian artists. Said CV should be inclusive of telephone number and address of the artist;

  3. file, or link, or the work;

  4. work’s data, in particular:

detailed description of the work accompanied by photos and/ or videos,

details relating to the amount of space of the work,

details relating to used technologies.


A team of experts, chaired by the creator of the Festival Prof. Lello Masucci, will select 10 artists among those who responded to the Call. The 10 finalists are required to present themselves in Naples from 18 to 31 October 2014. Travelling costs are at the expense of the Artists; however they they will be hosted at the expense of the Festival throughout their stay in Naples.

The Inauguration of the Exhibition of the 10 finalists (Young section) will take place on October 20, 2014, in the rooms of PAN Palace of Arts in Naples.

The Awards Ceremony will take place on October 30, 2014. There will be prize money – first prize € 4,000.00 – equipment and awards.

The winners of the Youth Section will be proclaimed by the scientific Jury composed of:

Olivier Auber, Artist and Associate Researcher at Global Brain Institute of Université libre de Bruxelles;

Philippe Bootz, Doctor of Physics and Information Science, Lecturer at the University of Paris 8, pioneer of Electronic Literature;

Caterina Davinio, Poet, Writer and Digital Artist, pioneer of computer art;

Fred Forest, pioneer of video art, cofounder of the Sociological Art Collective and the Aesthetics of Communication movement.

Dene Grigar (President of the Jury), Director of the Digital Technology and Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver; President of Electronic Literature Organization (USA);

Lello Masucci, Artist, Director of the OLE Officina di Letteratura Elettronica;

Jason Nelson, Poet and Digital Artist, Researcher and Teacher of Net Art and Electronic Literature at Griffith University (Australia).

The 10 finalists will be included in the Festival Anthology, published in digital and paper format by Liguori Editore.

All Artists who have responded to the Call will be included – from September 1, 2014 – in a database within the official website of the Festival

For more information visit the website or write to

OLE.01 electrify your imagination!

The OLE .01 International Festival of Electronic Literature is the winner of the POR FESR 2007/2013 Ob. Op 1:10 “Culture as a resource” DD. 125 of 03/06/201.

The Festival is created by Professor Lello Masucci and it is promoted by cultural association Atelier Multimediale, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Naples, Department of Culture and Tourism and PAN | Palace of Arts of Naples, and it is sponsored by: European Union, Campania Region, City of Naples, Ministry of Education, University and Research – Regional Education Office for Campania, the City of San Giorgio a Cremano, Universal Forum of Cultures of Naples, Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, Conservatory San Pietro a Majella in Naples, Instituto Cervantes in Naples, Institut Français Naples and Goethe Institute in Naples.